Entwickler-Workshop: Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 12.-14.9.2006 in Redmond/WA

Wenn man sich als professioneller Entwickler schon ein wenig mit den Möglichkeiten der neuen Portaltechnologie von Microsoft beschäftigt hat, dann müsste man eigentlich schnell den Wunsch nach tiefer gehenden Einblicken entwickeln. Vorausgesetzt, man hat nicht nur schon sehr konkrete Vorstellungen, sondern auch bereits mit der Entwicklung begonnen, dann bietet der folgende dreitägige Entwickler-Workshop eine Möglichkeit um weitergehende Hilfestellung zu erhalten.

Die limitierte Anzahl von Plätzen wird an die Microsoft-Softwarepartner vergeben die sich über den unten beschriebenen Prozess beworben haben. Die Benachrichtigung über die Teilnahme soll innerhalb von zwei Arbeitstagen nach Abgabe der Bewerbung erfolgen.

We would like to make you aware of the opportunity to attend a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) Deep-Dive AcceleratorLab. The lab will focus exclusively on the Microsoft Office SharePointServer and Windows SharePoint Services platform technologies and will be held at the Microsoft Platform Adoption Center in Redmond, Washington on the following days.


September12th-14thon the Microsoft Redmond Campus


The Accelerator Labs enable our early adopting ISV partners to benefit from a customized development guidance and design review experience, in order to accelerate development progress. During your time in the Lab, Microsoft OfficeSharePoint Server subject matter experts will lead short lectures outlining architectural best practices, meet one on one with you to discuss your solution, and offer design and development guidance. By the end of the Lab, our goal is to have significantly lowered the barriers to your solution development.


In order to attend the MOSS Accelerator Lab you must be able to meet the following requirements:

Ø      You are currently indevelopment working on a solution which incorporates components of WindowsSharePoint Services/Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (workflow, web parts, search, site definition, content types, etc.)

Ø      You currently have aworking prototype, beta, or sample code of yoursolution.

Ø      You understand this is not a training workshop, it is a Lab focused on helping you with design and development issues and in order to provide this assistance we will base our guidance on the current state of your prototypes.

Ø      Have the goal in mind to leave the Lab with a punch list of items on how to better address yourdevelopment issues, and/or have a better idea of how you can improve upon the design and development process of your solution.


Session Description:The MOSS Deep-Dive Accelerator Labs are not traditional training workshops. Any presentations delivered during the Labs will be brief, and will cover best practices on a specific design or development topic. There are no exercises or sample applications presentations: attendees are expected to have a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services. 


The goal of the session is two-fold:

1)     Produce a better proof-of-concept: Bring your solutions and existing code, and walk out with something near a working proof-of-concept. This code can then be polished into release-ready code.

2)     Architecture and Feedback: Get a technical roadmap and overall view of our Office System strategy and architecture, raise any questions or issues, and get exposure to Office subject matter experts and tips and tricks for working with the APIs and code.


SharePoint Technology topics we can cover include:

Ø      ASP.NET Web Parts, MasterPages, and Data Rendering

Ø      WSS Templates, Definitionsand Solution Deployment

Ø      Object Models, WebServices, Event Handlers and List Queries

Ø      Content Types andMetadata

Ø      Security and Authorization,Anonymous access and Forms Authentication

Ø      Workflow in WindowsSharePoint Services V3, Custom Workflows andActivities

Ø      Customizing the look andfeel of SharePoint Sites

Ø      Business Data Catalog–Accessing back-end LOB data, retrieving dataprogrammatically

Ø      Web Content Management–Content Publishing, Page Layouts, Output Caching



Day1 – Tuesday

9:00–9:30 Welcome and Introductions

9:30–10:30 MOSS All-Up Architecture Discussion

10:30–10:45 Break

10:45–12:00 Insider Design and Development Tips and Tricks

12:00–1:00 Lunch

1:00–3:00 Lab Setup and One onOne Sessions

3:00 -3:15 Break

3:15–5:30 LabTime



9:00–9:30 Best Practices from Day 1

9:30–10:30 LabTime

10:30–10:45 Break

10:45–12:00 LabTime

12:00–1:00 Lunch

1:00–3:15 LabTime

3:15–3:30 Break

3:30–6:00 LabTime



9:00–9:30 Best Practices from Day 2

9:30–10:30 LabTime

10:30–10:45 Break

10:45–12:00 LabTime

12:00–1:00 Lunch

1:00–4:00 LabTime


Subject matter experts, Microsoft Program managers and developers will be circulating between the Labs to give you one on one time with them and to get your questions answered. During the event we will have a sign-up list so you can request times during the Lab sessions for focused topic discussions or to review code.



Lab participants will be selected based on their ability to meet the requirements listed above and on a first come-first served basis. In order to ensureour early adopting ISV partners receive the most value from the Labs, we askthat you complete the short nomination survey at: http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB225K9RLVDLD


The information completed in your survey will be used to determine how we can best support your needs in order to maximize the experience while attending the lab.


Upon completion of the survey a you will receive an e-mail response from a Microsoft representative within 48 hours, alerting you to the status of your ability to attend the MOSS Deep-Dive Accelerator Lab.


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