Microsoft SQL Server 2005 und Oracle 10g

Wenn es um den Einsatz von Microsoft-Produkten in unternhehmenskritischen Anwendungen geht herrscht häufig Unkenntnis über die Leistungsfähigkeit der miteinander zu vergleichenden Produkte. Tenor: “Man kann doch keinem PC-Software-Anbieter den Zugang zum Rechenzentrum erlauben …”.

Einen Gegegnbeweis hatte im April 2005 Mitch Ruebush angetreten und das White Paper “SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 10g Security Comparison” veröffentlicht. Ergebnis: Die beiden Datenbanken sind in jeder Hinsicht vergleichbar.

Allerdings ist Oracle bei vergleichbarem Funktionsumfang signifikat teurer. Die Zusammenfassung des Autors:

Here are the key observations made by the author.

    1. By implementing the right set of policies and following the best practices recommended by the respective vendors, both Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 and Oracle 10g will both adequately secure and protect your data.
    2. Both databases provide essentially equivalent securing features. These features include User Authentication, Authorization, Auditing, Network Encryption, Data Encryption, and Single Sign-On (SSO).
    3. Managing security is significantly easier with SQL Server 2005 than with Oracle 10g. This translates to lower maintenance and administration costs for SQL Server over time.
    4. For equivalent functionality, SQL Server 2005 is substantially cheaper than Oracle. While Microsoft provides all the security features as built-in features of the database, Oracle provides many of the security features as extra-cost options. To get the same security on the Oracle platform found in SQL Server 2005, Oracle requires you to purchase the Enterprise Edition and the Advanced Security Option at a much greater cost.
    5. Fewer security vulnerabilities have been detected in SQL Server compared to Oracle—and Microsoft addresses the vulnerabilities quicker than does Oracle. This implies that days-of-exposure to risk is substantially lower with SQL Server than Oracle.

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