Domain Specific Language Tools verfügbar

Das Microsoft-Team, das Visual Studio Team Architect verantwortet, hat gerade die Verfügbarkeit der ersten Version der DSL Tools bekanntgegeben:

About DSL Tools V1

Domain Specific Language (DSL) Tools Version 1 is a set of tools for creating graphical designers hosted in Visual Studio. Using these tools, it is possible to create a fully-functional graphical designer with little or no coding. Then the tools automate the process of packaging the designer in an MSI file for deployment to users’ machines. Also included is a text templating engine, which interprets templates to generate text artifacts from information in models edited using the designers. One application of this is code generation. For more details about DSL Tools and this release visit



The primary audience for these tools are systems integrators and large enterprises who want to automate aspects of their software development processes by generating code and other implementation artifacts from models expressed in domain specific languages. Some customers have already used CTPs of DSL Tools to create working solutions, and with Version 1, can now complete the roll out of these solutions internally and to their customers. The tools are also being used by other teams in Microsoft, such as VB and MOM, to create product quality graphical designers.



DSL Tools is a pillar of the software factory platform which Team Architect is building to support its software factories strategy, and future efforts will focus on integrating the tools with other new and existing technologies to create this platform, in addition to extending the capabilities of the tools themselves. The tools have already been ported to the Orcas code base and work to incorporate the runtime in all VS SKUs, as required by internal teams dependent on it, is nearly complete.


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