Webcast 7.12.2006: How CLP Power Benefits from the SAP and Microsoft partnership

Bei all den interessanten Marketingneuigkeiten rund um Microsoft Vista, das 2007 Office System, Zune und Microsoft’s AKtivitäten mit der Open Source Community sollten interessante technische Beiträge nicht untergehen. image003.gif@01C6FEA2.C5CCD3D0

Deshalb hier der Verweis auf eine Einladung – für registrierte Microsoft-Partner und -Mitarbeiter – zum Betrieb eines der grössten SAP-Rechenzentren unter Nutzung von Microsoft’s Applikationsplattform. Wenn Sie schon immer einmal wissen wollten ob – und wie – das geht: hier ist die Gelegenheit.

On Thursday, Dec 7th the Microsoft Utility Vertical is hosting an executive Webcast featuring a presentation by Senior Technology and Architecture Manager Andre Blumberg from China Light and Power Hong Kong (CLP Power Hong Kong).

CLP Power Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest SAP implementations on a Microsoft platform. Andre will share with you the best practices and results his company has realized from leveraging their SAP and Microsoft technology investments. He will also address the important positive impacts CLP Power Hong Kong has seen in reliability, operational efficiency, cost optimization, and service delivery efficiency.

You and your customers will not want to miss this informative presentation on how CLP has benefited from the SAP – Microsoft relationship through their use of Windows, SQL Server, BizTalk and SharePoint. This presentation is a must-see for organizations who are integrating their SAP and Microsoft environments.

Andre Blumberg, Senior Technology and Architecture Manager, CLP Power Hong Kong

Andre Blumberg has over 12 years of experience with a focus on SAP technologies, technical architecture design and project management. His team is also responsible for Enterprise Architecture, technology standardization and IT security policies. Prior to joining CLP Power Hong Kong in 2001, Andre was a Principal Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and worked as Technology Manager on a range of large-scale SAP implementations and rollouts throughout Asia and Europe.

About CLP Power Hong Kong

CLP Power Hong Kong is the largest and oldest power utility in Hong Kong, serving about 2.2 million customers, or approximately 80% of the population of Hong Kong. For CLP Power Hong Kong to achieve its vision “To be a world-class power company, providing state of the art services to its customers”, technology is a key strategic enabler, especially in areas such as supply reliability, operational efficiency, cost optimization, and service delivery efficiency. CLP has recently been named “Asia’s Best Utility” in the prestigious Euromoney Annual Best Asian Company awards. For more information about the CLP Group please visit www.clpgroup.com.


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