Neue Beiträge im Architecture Center des MSDN

Den Namen Microsoft bringt man in den wenigsten Fällen mit Architekturkonzepten in Verbindung. Ist diese Ignoranz berechtigt? Schließlich ist Microsoft doch kein Ernst zu nehmender Anbieter von Enterprise Software, oder etwa doch? Die hellen Köpfe des Architecture Strategy Teams widerlegen dieses Vorurteil regelmässig, zuletzt auf dem von Teilnehmern hochgelobten Strategics Architects Forum. Leider ist die Teilnahme an dieser jährlichen Veranstaltung nur für die die wichtigsten Softwarearchitekten der Microsoft-Kunden auf Einladung möglich.

Umso erfreulicher deshalb, daß jetzt einige der interessanten Beiträge im Architecture Center des MSDN veröffentlicht wurden:

Measure Success with Software Factories and Visual Studio Team System

Software factories and Visual Studio Team System can be used together to improve quality, predictability, and productivity. The concepts and working methods presented here are targeted at systems integrators and enterprise customers who develop custom software.

Building an ESB on the Microsoft Platform (44MB ZIP)

Many organizations are considering an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as a way to improve IT efficiencies and simplify integration efforts. However, there is significant confusion surrounding just what an ESB is.

Building Interoperable Insurance Systems with .NET 3.0 Technologies (PDF)

 Through maturity of many enterprises, we live in a world where there is more than one stack of technology. As a result, there has been more than a few Band Aids applied to the various technologies. This whitepaper series is to provide guidance around integration challenges.

Master Data Management: The What, Why, and How

 The recent emphasis on regulatory compliance, SOA, and mergers and acquisitions has made the creating and maintaining of accurate and complete master data a business imperative. This paper covers the reasons for adopting master-data management, the process of developing a solution, and several options for the technological implementation of the solution.

What does a composite application built on the 2007 Office System feel like for end users? (video)

 This presentation gives a feel for what the user experience will be like for end users, as they use an Office Business Application.

OBA Reference Application Pack for Retail Store Management

 To demonstrate the use of service-oriented architecture to automate Retail scenario, a sample application was built using the IXRetail industry standard for retail enterprise, BizTalk 2006, Windows Communication Foundation, and Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager.

Building Distributed Applications: Food-Services Standards 

 Have you ever thought what would happen if railway tracks, car tires, and power sockets were all different sizes? It would be a chaotic world, one in which nothing functioned and life came to a standstill. This is where standardization helps.

Und zu den Beiträgen zählen natürlich auch folgende Beispiele von Referenzkunden:


Software as a Service (SaaS) is simply the idea that instead of paying for the bits and running them on your server, you ought to be able to buy the service you want and let somebody else manage it. Of course, this is nothing new. You may have my website hosted by people you’ve never met. You don’t care too much about the bits that actually run the server, you just want it to run and you don’t want to think about it. In this case study overview we meet Remend one of the new crop of companies who are moving to a SaaS business model.


Flatburger… a strange name but an interesting concept for a company that is enabling the little guys to have a marketplace for selling modular software and bringing together the three main components of Software as a Service (Saas) the customer, the hoster and the developer.  In these type of 3 way relationships you almost always need a middleman to negotiate the deal and Flatburger aims to be just that.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia: CommSee Solution Case Study 

This case study describes how the Commonwealth Bank of Australia designed, developed, and implemented a relationship banking solution using .NET technologies. After considering the business needs that CommSee was designed to address, this case study will examine the solution architecture, technical project details, and best practices employed in this major software development effort.


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