Webcast 13. Dezember: Combining the power of SAP, Windows and 64-bit Processing

Hewlett-Packard sponsort einen Webcast, der sich mit den Vorteilen der 64.Bit Technologie des Windows Servers 2003 beschäftigt:

With the end of extended maintenance support for SAP R/3 versions 4.6C and SAP’s adoption of exclusive 64-bit support you now have the opportunity to run SAP on Windows and take advantage of 64-bit processing scalability.

This Webcast is a comprehensive discussion on SAP and 64-bit computing and how to begin implementing a SAP Windows strategy in your own company. See how the SAP/Windows performance compares and how an upgrade can dramatically change SAP application usability.

Attend this Webcast to learn about the advantages of combining SAP and your Windows platform and the steps you can take to ensure a successful upgrade in your organization:

  • Discover why SAP customers are opting for a Windows platform.
  • Gain valuable upgrade and migration techniques.
  • Learn how to scale your SAP Windows landscape.
  • Hear reviews from SAP customers who have deployed Windows solutions on an HP Integrity platform.

Click here to register.


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