SAP on Microsoft Platforms: Managing Modernization and Optimization

At the end of November, Ziff Davis had webcasted an eSeminar entitled “SAP on Microsoft Platforms: Managing Modernization and Optimization”, sponsored by Unisys and Microsoft.

Increasingly, SAP customers consider Microsoft’s application platform to be viable alternative for maintaining business continuity. As a result, more SAP installations run under Microsoft Windows than all other platforms combined, including two-thirds of all new implementations. But maintaining high performance levels for SAP applications on Windows is a demanding challenge. Ziff Davis’ webcast addresses this task: How can you guarantee top SAP performance, regardless of the workload, number of users, or degree of customization required? The webcast provides insight on: 

  • Creating flexible platforms and innovative SAP applications that maintain and maximize your organization’s competitiveness,
  • Selecting an effective optimization strategy, including:
    • Unix-to-Windows migration
    • Upgrading SAP
    • Upgrading SQL Server versions supporting SAP
    • Implementing the new Office front end for SAP
    • Data center consolidation, virtualization and more
  • Integrating Sharepoint Portal Server with SAP Enterprise Portal
  • Understanding the roadmap and alignment between Microsoft and SAP, including Duet

Speakers  include:

  • Albert Pang, Director, Enterprise Applications Research, IDC, talking about “Risks and Rewards of ERP Modernization and Optimization”
  • Kyle Warfield, SAP Performance Specialist and Disaster Recovery Specialist, Unisys, speaking about “Modernization and Optimization of SAP Infrastructure with Microsoft and Unisys Technology”.

The recorded webcast requires a registration but the one-hour presentation content, including several interesting customer examples, is worthwhile listening and watching. The session slides are available for download.

My two favorite take-homes are the SAP Landscape Formula

  • ((( (DEV + QAS + PRD) + App Servers) * (SAP Modules)) + (Portals) + (XI)) = Server Sprawl

caused by SAP continuously adding modules, and customers upgrading their hardware every two years. Kyle’s other noteable remark is on Netweaver’s usage of federated databases and the impact of this feature on disaster recovery.


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