Data Center Operations: Cool Air

Last year I was confronted with a customer who had to acquire new datacenter facilities because he ran out of floor space. Not for his servers. The guys couldn’t add additional compute capacity because they ran out of cooling capacity. In this specific case we were looking at a 20+ million EUR investment – because of cooling!?!

A recent white paper (Air-Cooled High-Performance Data Centers: Case Studies and Best Methods), available for download from my partners at Intel had a closer look at the issue. While some people still question the enterprise credibility of commoditized hardware and software, Doug Garday and Daniel Costello were researching the following:

By combining innovations and best-known methods for air-cooled data center design, we have achieved breakthrough power and heat densities of 15 kilowatts per cabinet and more than 500 watts per square foot of server room area, at a lower cost than other data center designs. Our models indicate that it is possible to double that density in future.


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