Council of the EU tagged incompetent …

… apparently because it cannot support Linux, according to Slashdot. The tag is related to a piece mentioning the EU Council’s use of the WMV media format. Lots of comments: nice flame war, few facts.

My favorite comment:

The really funny part of this story is you also can’t watch those videos if you’ve got the version of Windows Vista with media player ripped out due to the EU’s antitrust rulings (unless you download media player or some other WMV-capable player, of course). Hah hah.

PS: If you’d search Slashdot for articles tagged with “incompetence”, you wouldn’t find any. I like beta software 🙂

PPS: Bulgaria and Romania are two new EU member states as of today. I wonder if this will further decrease Linux 0.37% or 3.2% market share 🙂


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