Training: SAP-SQL Workshop – Jan 16 to 18, Redmond/WA

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system for SAP solutions with over 65% of new SAP installations based on Windows, and Microsoft SQL Server continues strong growth with over 30,000 SAP installations.

Administering SAP Solutions on Windows and SQL Server is a three-day technical workshop for IT Professionals and IT Consultants. This hands-on course targets SAP system and database administrators who want to better understand how to install and maintain a SAP on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The course addresses configuration, high availability scenarios, monitoring and performance tuning for SAP Solutions on the Microsoft platform.  Course concepts are reinforced through hands-on lab exercises. Targe audience:

  • For SAP customers: Application administrators and DBAs working with SAP NetWeaver server components who are interested in or are currently working with / deploying SAP on Windows and SQL Server
  • SAP partner organizations wanting to improve readiness of their SAP Basis consultants, database or application architects.

SAP customers and partners will definitely benefit from this in-depth perspective of the SAP ERP application running on Microsoft Windows and SQL Server 2005. The goal for this training course is to provide attendees with a better understanding of how to install and maintain SAP NetWeaver on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The course addresses installation, configuration, high availability scenarios (including the database mirroring), monitoring, and performance tuning. As well, course concepts will be reinforced through hands-on lab exercises. Students will perform a full installation of SAP NetWeaver on SQL Server 2005 and then learn how to tune, monitor, and configure high availability. Agenda Highlights:

  • Porting SAP Solutions to SQL Server 2005
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Windows Server Optimization
  • SQL Server 2005 Configuration
  • SQL Server 2005 High-Availability in a SAP NetWeaver/mySAP ERP Landscape including database mirroring
  • Monitoring an SAP / SQL Server 2005 Installation
  • SQL Server 2005 Query Performance Tuning
  • Monitoring Disk I/O
  • SAP NetWeaver Security Landscape
  • SAP NetWeaver and x64/IA64

Registration for the few remaining seats of the upcoming workshop is still possible. Cost per student is 850 USD. Please also note the schedule for the remaining workshops in FY07:

Waltham 2/20/2007 – 2/22/2007
Washington 3/20/2007 – 3/22/2007
Redmond 4/10/2007 – 4/12/2007
Washington 5/15/2007 – 5/17/2007
Mountain View 6/12/2007 – 6/14/2007

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