Free SQL Server 2005 Virtual Labs

Some marketing person must have thought the product and the labs are not enough: Microsoft lets you win a precious gift, a GPS navigator – but only US residents are eligible. Who needs navigation devices in squared country? What about Europe, where you really need these gadgets? Asia? Australia, Antarctica?

Enough joking. The call to action: Take part in a free Microsoft SQL Server 2005 virtual lab and experience new features, such as XML support and deep business intelligence (BI) integration. Get started today with the SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server 2005 Express labs now.

From the SQL Server 2005 Virtual Labs:

SQL Server 2005 is Microsoft’s next-generation data management and analysis software that will deliver increased scalability, availability, and security to enterprise data and analytical applications while making them easier to create, deploy, and manage. In these labs, you will get to experience many of the new features in SQL Server 2005 including XML support and deep business intelligence integration.

And the value-added specifically for the new Express tool available on this site:

Virtual Lab Express is the fastest and easiest way to test drive Microsoft products and the Virtual Lab environment. These are 20-minute hands-on overviews of some of your favorite Microsoft products and developer tools. Try them out online now – no need to download full trial versions or dedicate test machines.

For the other 28 lab modules you should plan at least 90 minutes of your time. Serious work.


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